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About Me

Lynn Lawson is an award winning Georgia artist, born in New York. My art has always been important to me, as I started drawing when I was a child. Crayola crayons, colored pencils and watercolors were my favorites. Already adoring bright colors, my favorites were the boxes of Crayola that contained over 100 crayons. I used every one of the colors down to the bottom, sharpening and peeling as I went. All of my crayons had to have very sharp points so they would outline better. OCD about crayons? Probably. One thing I still love is the smell of Crayola. Yes, some of us artists are a little bit off, you might say. You can find me in the Crayola crayons at WalMart during school supply season. Hey, even I have to have my "fix." 

 I attended Parsons School of Design in New York when they were still on Sutton Place, majoring in Fashion Illustration and Design.

I have 2 grown children, 3 dogs- Pongo, Sadie and our big black lab Spike. (We recently had to put our 18 yr old baby, Dollie, down and greatly miss her. We currently live in the northwest area of Georgia. 

My work can be seen at various exhibitions and festivals in Georgia and Tennessee, where you can meet me, throughout the summer.


Specializing in ACEO's, Abstracts, Folk Art, Whimsical Art and Children's Art.






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